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Send to EidoGo 1.2

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I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails about the death of the Send to EidoGo Firefox Plugin, precipitated by two things:

  • I wasn’t keeping up-to-date with the compatibility version string as Firefox put out newer versions.
  • My credit card expired, which led to the cancellation of my old host (

The former issue can be solved by disabling compatibility checking, and the latter by grabbing it from the experimental add-on site hosted by Mozilla, but of course neither of these are the most user-friendly solutions.

So, sorry about the wait — I’ve updated the maxVersion up to 3.6, so it should be safe for the next little while. Also, although it’s still available at the Mozilla-hosted hub (which I want to make the “official” distribution point from now on — I should tell Justin Kramer to update the link), it’s not discoverable unless you’re logged in as a developer. So I’ve begun the process of nominating the extension for public release. Thanks for all the positive reviews and links, guys 🙂 It should help with the approval process, hopefully enough to counteract the “widely useful” requirement for public extensions. With any luck in a week or two, Google searches for EidoGo will turn up the Mozilla link instead of the old, dead blog link.


Written by Adrian Petrescu

January 26, 2010 at 11:36 pm

Posted in Development, Go

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