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This is an (incomplete) list of open-source projects that I contribute to, in no particular order. Almost all of them are hosted on my Github account.

S3FSS3FS is a FUSE module backed by Amazon S3. It was originally developed by Randy Rizun, and is now maintained by Dan Moore and (to a lesser degree) myself. It’s currently under active development.

The AWS SDK for Java on GAE is a continuation of my original GAE AWS SDK. It is actively maintained by someone else, but many of the fixes came from my original project.

libnss-hostslocal is an NSS module for libc that allows administrators to enable per-user .hosts files. These are analogous to /etc/hosts in a normal system.

Twanslate is a Firefox extension for the old-style Twitter, adding a button to each tweet on any timeline to automatically translate it to the user’s native language. It’s badly in need of a rehaul to “New Twitter.”

Send to EidoGo is a Firefox extension which turns any link to an SGF on the internet into a launcher for the popular web-based SGF editor, EidoGo.

KindleGoban is an SGF client for the Kindle, allowing the user to download, view, and annotate Go games. It is really just a proof-of-concept for a larger vision of an interactive publishing format.

BiggerGolem is a Chrome extension adding several pieces of enhanced functionality to the site Little Golem. For now, it allows the use of Japanese piece sets in Shogi, and improved piece sets in Reversi.

Kindle Widget Toolkit is a UI toolkit for KDK developers. It papers over some of the more gaping holes in the existing set of KComponents. I have a feeling this project’s popularity won’t skyrocket until after the KDK’s public release.

My Codebook and Schoolbook contain all the random snippets and programs I write that are interesting, but not enough to merit their own repository. Some of the projects above started out as Codebook entries before graduating.

Written by Adrian Petrescu

December 2, 2010 at 4:40 am

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