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Next Steps in GAE-AWS SDK

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I’ve been getting lots of great feedback on the GAE port of the AWS SDK for Java that I released a few months back as part of a school project I was working on. As I’d hoped, it’s grown way beyond that, and there’s lots of people that have let me know they’re making use of it with GAE. For my part, I’ve been keeping it up-to-date and working within a few days of each new AWS SDK for Java release — all 14 of them!

Unfortunately (as those people are well aware) it’s far from complete, and is actually quite buggy. This is not the AWS SDK’s fault, but rather due to the hacks I needed to put in place to get around GAE’s restrictions and bugs. Regardless of where the blame lies, however, the point is still that it has been holding back the improvements people have been asking for (chief among of them being support for S3).

Today I’m making a “new release” available. Unfortunately it doesn’t include S3 support, which still requires a large amount of rethinking, but it does include a major piece of functionality: suites of integration tests. Setting up test cases for the SDK on App Engine as well as the local Jetty server is a painful and time-consuming process (and don’t assume that those two things behave the same — they don’t at all, with respect to GAE-AWS). It’s been the main thing holding back rapid development. But now you can visit, enter your AWS credentials, choose some service test suites, and see the current development version of the SDK running on App Engine!

AWS Tests Running on GAE

As you can see, they don't all pass yet...

The exact same thing works locally (though you may be surprised to see very different results!) If you don’t feel comfortable sending your AWS credentials to my GAE app, feel free to download the code and run your own instance.

Google has really instilled some testing discipline in me, so I feel much more comfortable now ripping out the innards of the S3 client in order to make it GAE-ready and satisfy some of the requests I’ve been getting. Until then, grab the GAE-AWS SDK for the other 15 or so services and play around with it. Now that there’s a free tier for AWS to go along with free Google App Engine quota, the barrier to entry for cloud computing is at an historic low.


Written by Adrian Petrescu

November 3, 2010 at 3:13 am

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Introducing the GAE-AWS SDK for Java

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I’m making what I hope will be a useful release today — a version of the Amazon Web Services SDK for Java that will run from inside of Google App Engine. This wouldn’t work if you simply included the JAR that AWS provides directly into GAE’s WAR, because GAE’s security model doesn’t allow the Apache Commons HTTP Client to create the sockets and low-level networking primitives it requires to establish an HTTP connection; instead, Google requires you to make all connections through its URLFetch utility. This version of the SDK does exactly that, swapping out the Apache HTTP Connection Manager for one that returns URLFetchHttpConnections.

With it, you can make use of the multitude of powerful AWS services (excepting S3, which requires more work before it will integrate properly) from within Google App Engine, making both of these tools significantly more useful. In fact, AWS seems to nicely complement several of Google App Engine’s deficiencies; for example, my original motivation for creating this was to be able to make SimpleDB requests from GAE for a school project I’m working on.

Using it is very simple — just download the full package from its GitHub page, and add all of the JAR files in the package (including the third-party/ directory) to Google App Engine’s war/WEB-INF/lib/ directory, and add them to your build path in Eclipse. Then just use the SDK in the usual fashion! For example, the following lines of code:

		AmazonSimpleDB sdb = new AmazonSimpleDBClient(new PropertiesCredentials(""));

		String serverInfo = getServletContext().getServerInfo();
		String userAgent = getThreadLocalRequest().getHeader("User-Agent");
		return "Hello, " + input + "!<br><br>I am running " + serverInfo
				+ ".<br><br>It looks like you are using:<br>" + userAgent
				+ ".<br><br>You have " + sdb.listDomains().getDomainNames().size() + " SDB domains.";

turns the usual GWT welcome page into this:

Notice the last line there!

I intend to merge in all upstream changes from the real AWS SDK for Java, of which this is simply a GitHub fork. Please post any issues or questions you have in the GitHub page!

Written by Adrian Petrescu

June 22, 2010 at 9:38 am

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